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  • 展览时间:2018-08-25 - 2018-11-04
  • 展览城市:广东 - 深圳
  • 展览地点:深圳市南山大道2093号
  • 策展人:重庆东岭艺术品pk10开奖结果 黄山美术社
  • 主办单位:阿富汗国家博物馆 中国文物交流中心 中国人民对外友好协会 深圳市南山区委宣传部(文体局)
  • 644人围观


    展览时间:2018-08-25 - 2018-11-04

    展览城市:广东 - 深圳



    主办单位:阿富汗国家博物馆 中国文物交流中心 中国人民对外友好协会 深圳市南山区委宣传部(文体局)

    承办单位:深圳市南山博物馆 国际艺术交流院

    展览备注:策划:重庆东岭艺术品pk10开奖结果 黄山美术社


    Afghanistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia which straddles the ancient trade and military routes linking East Asia, South and West Asia. As such it occupies a strategic location between the occident and orient. In antiquity, the Persian and Macedonian empires lay to the west, nomadic tribes roamed the plains of the north, whilst to the south lay the Kushan Empire, and the Indian Maurya Dynasty, and then to the east the dynasties such as the Tang ruled in China. All of which conducted campaigns in Afghanistan, leading to the land becoming a point of confluence for the great European and Asian civilisations. In antiquity, Afghanistan was also an important node on the Silk Road, facilitating trade between East and West.
    Afghanistan occupies an important position during each period of Central Asian history. Its ancient civilisation and glorious culture can be traced back at least five millennia from the rich architectural sites scattered throughout the country; as such it occupies an important role and development of humanity's philosophical culture.
    This exhibition focuses on the four archaeological sites of Tepe Fullol, Ai-Khanum, Tilla Tepe and Begram and represents Afghanistan's complex and colourful history during the period of 300 BC to 100 A.D. through the display of 231 groups of artefacts from the Afghanistan Kabul National Museum.

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